9 Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

9 Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

9 Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

April 21, 2023

So, you’ve made the smart decision to hire Home Movers of Birmingham, Alabama, to help with your big move. Excellent choice! We’re a full-service residential moving company that’ll make your life a whole lot easier. Now, to ensure a seamless moving experience, there are a few things you can do before our team arrives. Here are nine essential tasks you need to take care of before we arrive at your doorstep.

Sort and Declutter

Before the packing begins, take some time to sort through your belongings and declutter. This step will make the packing process smoother and save you money on moving costs. And you’ll start fresh in your new home without excess stuff weighing you down. Separate items into categories like “keep,” “donate,” and “trash,” and get rid of anything you don’t need or want anymore. The less you have to pack and move, the easier your moving day will be.

Create a Moving Inventory 

An organized move is a happy move! Make a list of all your items, including furniture, electronics, and valuables. This inventory will help you keep track of everything during the move and ensure nothing gets lost or damaged. And it’s also helpful for us to know what we’re handling, especially for fragile or large items. Creating a moving inventory may seem like a daunting task, but trust us, it’s well worth the effort.

Have an Essentials Box

Before the movers arrive, pack a box or suitcase with everything you’ll need for the first day or two in your new home. The box could include toiletries, a change of clothes, medications, and essential electronics like your mobile phone charger. Don’t forget to include important documents, such as your moving paperwork and identification. Having an essentials box will save you from digging through countless boxes searching for your toothbrush on your first night in your new place.

Label Your Boxes

At Home Movers, we know the importance of clear labeling. Labeling your boxes with their contents and the room they belong in will make unpacking a breeze. Also, it helps our team know which boxes to handle with extra care. If you’d prefer to skip the hassle of packing altogether, don’t worry – our professional packing and unpacking services are available to handle it all for you!

Disconnect Appliances

Before moving day, disconnect all appliances, such as your washer, dryer, and refrigerator. Ensure gas lines are safely shut off and water hoses are disconnected and drained. For appliances that require special handling, consult their user manuals or contact the manufacturer for guidance. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you’re unsure how to handle certain appliances. We may take care of it or redirect you to the right professionals to contact.

Notify Important Contacts

Make a list of all the people and organizations you need to notify about your move. The list may include your utility providers, the post office, your bank, and insurance companies. Taking care of these notifications ahead of time will ensure a smooth transition to your new home and avoid any potential hiccups.

Clear a Path

Ensure our team has easy access to your home by clearing a path from the street to your front door. Remove any obstacles that could impede the moving process, like potted plants, garden hoses, or toys. Also, reserve a parking space close to your home for our moving truck, if possible. Doing so will make loading and unloading your belongings quicker and more efficient.

Protect Your Floors

Moving heavy furniture and appliances can take a toll on your floors. Before the movers arrive, protect your floors by covering them with cardboard or moving pads to help prevent scratches, dents, and other damage during moving. As Home Movers of Birmingham, we take pride in handling your belongings and home with care as we are experts in furniture and heavy moving, but a little extra protection never hurts!

Plan for Kids and Pets

Moving day can be stressful for everyone, including your little ones and furry friends. To keep them safe and comfortable during the move, arrange for childcare or pet care on the moving day. Doing so will allow you to focus on the move without worrying about your loved ones. Alternatively, designate a secure room for them to stay in while we work. Just ensure they have everything they need, like toys, snacks, and water, to keep them happy and occupied.

By completing these nine tasks before we arrive, you’ll set the stage for a successful move. We’re here to handle the heavy lifting, packing, and transportation, making your moving experience as smooth as possible. So, go ahead and get a head start on these tasks, and leave the rest to us – your trusty Birmingham, Alabama, moving experts!

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